Time for proper picture framing.



This Halifax TV advert sums it up nicely.

If you have a picture worth keeping it is worth having framed properly.

There is a world of difference between buying a picture frame and having an item framed.


The usual elephant in the woodpile with framing is the cost. On the face of it having a frame made is never going to be "cheap", it is usually very good value though.  If you buy a cheap frame that's exactly what you get. Like everyone elses cheap frame. And let's face it, who really wants to look cheap?


Buying a custom/bespoke frame and fitting your own picture will save you about 25% straight away at the shop counter and the same saving online compared with a custom framed item


If you order a custom frame from us it will take you no more than ten to fifteen minutes at most to fit your artwork, photo or painting, and you won't have to buy any special tools, tapes or fittings because everything is supplied. (ready made frames from big box stores don't come with fitting tape, dust seals or barrier layers essential to keep your artwork clean, protected from acid, and keep the dust out).  Right away you have the job done properly and you can pocket the savings for an avacado or whatever.


Or if you still want to go to the big box store, can you pick us up some meatballs while you are there? 


What we offer.

  • Several types of glass and glazing, styrene, and acrylic (including best quality cast acrylic) 
  • UV protective glazing
  • Anti-glare (non-reflective) glass and acrylic
  • Museum glass and museum mounts
  • Top quality frame mouldings.
  • Tapes, fixing tapes, fixtures/fittings
  • Italian, British and other European frame mouldings to choose from
  • Free advice
  • Made to measure service.
  • Computer cut picture mounts, including bulk/trade supplies
  • Acid-Free mount boards
  • A generation of framing experience
  • Specials (end of batches, selected one-off mouldings etc to clear)

We also have an ever changing choice of ready made frames in standard picture sizes off-the-shelf for callers at the shop which we make ourselves.

These can vary all the time as they are made up from whatever is left from the days' production, and they really can be bargains but they go quickly!