Do I need glass?

It depends what the picture is. Oil paintings can be glazed or unglazed depending on the environment they are hung in. Common sense is the rule of thumb here.

Photos, prints and other artwork should normally be glazed to protect them. Some glazing products also help protect your artwork from natural UV light fading.


I'm not sure what I need, can you advise?

Of course we can. If you let us know what the frame is for we'll let you know if you need any extras such as spacers or different glazing, special fittings to hold oil paintings/canvases etc. We have all of these sundries in stock.


Is plastic glazing as good as glass?

Optically the acrylic or Styrene glazing we use is as clear as good quality picture glass. Styrene is softer than acrylic so we recommend acrylic or cast acrylic glazing in larger frames. In smaller frames (up to around 12x10 /30x25cm) we can send your order with glass. Stryene is thinner, lighter weight, and a budget option although it actually costs us about 4x the price of float picture glass.  Acrylic and cast acrylic are usually recommended.

Choices: Glass 2mm, styrene1.6mm, acrylic 2mm, cast acrylic 2mm, 3mm


Why don't you use MDF for the backing?

Because it's the 21st century and there are a lot of better frame backing materials available. Our defaults are a brown board approx 2 to 2.5mm, or "foamcore" of between 5 and 10mm thickness depending on the size of the frame, with an additional inner liner of acid-free mountboard for extra protection and to keep your picture flat. The foamcore back is excellent for frames, used more widely in the USA than here for a long time now because it is lightweight, rigid, flat and lined with acid-free papers on either side.

We also have Rigid compressed boards, kraft lined (brown both sides) if you prefer something more traditional looking like MDF but still functional.

Choices: Foamboard, Brown board. (both options are plus an acid-free liner layer)


Is everything included?

Yes. A typical custom frame with glazing will be delivered ready assembled with the following parts in place: Glazing, liner layer, backing. We are happy to fit the hanging fixtures for you if you tell us which way up the picture will hang (landscape or portrait) otherwise these are fitted with a small posidrive screw (screws supplied), you also get an appropriate width frame sealing tape for the back, and archival quality tape to fix your picure is included with a mount, you will also receive two frame "bumpers" which fix on the back of the frame at the bottom corners. These are usually natural cork and function to keep the picture spaced slightly off the wall so that air can circulate. 


Can I get spares?

Yes, of course you can. If you have a mishap we can send you replacement styrene or acrylic glazing. If you wish to change the mount colour or have a new mount for a fresh picture in the frame Mount-Cutting is a regular service we offer. 


Why do you quote two weeks turnaround?

You should allow two weeks because we may need to order in a moulding on or weekly delivery.  Our acrylic glazing is mostly computer cut by our glazing suppliers and is also delivered weekly on the same day, we order each Friday.

So it is likely that if you order thursday or early on friday it may be shipped in two or three working days, but 1 to 2 weeks is the norm.  We do keep some of the most popular Create Range items in stock for a quicker turnaround.  (Remember, we are not a frame factory!)

As we are making custom sized and bespoke framing, most orders are unique, just as they are at the shop counter, when we are busy it can take a bit longer, when we are quieter it's a bit quicker.


What if I need it in a hurry?

Give us a call or email first and we'll see if we can help. If what you want is in stock someone will usually appreciate the overtime, we won't charge any extra, so everyone's happy!


Can I order online or by phone and collect in the shop?

Absolutley yes. And you'll save the delivery cost.